Apeman C660 Dash Cam Review: Best Dash Cam under $50?

Apeman Dash Cam Setup

Apeman C660 Review: Best Dash Cam under $50? [2021]

>> Apeman Night Vision Dash Cam Review

by Jack H., Editor and Review Contributor

Apeman C660 Dash Cam Review

In this Apeman C660 dash cam review, we’ll review the Apeman C660 dash cam (Amazon) and see if it’s the best dash cam under $50 in 2021. This new dash cam is a night vision dash cam with infrared lights.

Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, have become increasingly popular and more affordable. These small cameras for your car are mounted to the windshield, constantly recording the environment around you.

Are dash cams worth it?

A dash cam can be incredibly useful in the event of a car accident. After an accident, the video can be used by you and your insurance agency as evidence. Thus, a dash cam can go a long way towards protecting your insurance rates and overall financial future. 

That can make dash cams a very good investment. In this Apeman dash cam review, we’ll see if the Apeman C660 is a good option.

Apeman C660 Dash Cam
The Apeman C660 features a wide angle lens surrounded by 8 IR lights for enhanced nighttime and low light visibility. Photo: Real New Review

How does a dashcam work?

After mounting a dashcam to your windshield, usually with a suction cup, the camera is powered by a car’s cigarette lighter outlet or USB outlet.

When powered, the dash camera then continuously records video footage to a memory card. Dash cams typically use a wide angle lens to capture a large field of view in front of a vehicle.

Apeman C660 Review: New Tech Under $50

As dash cams have become more popular, so has the Apeman dash cam brand. Apeman offers some of the best dash cams on Amazon, and is widely considered one of the best Amazon dash cam brands.

Released in 2020, the Apeman C660 is the direct upgrade the C550. Apeman’s new dash cam is equipped with Sony’s Starvis sensor and eight infrared (IR) lights for enhanced low light visibility.

Apeman covers the dash cam with a 30-day return policy and a one year limited warranty. 

Apeman C660 Dashcam Unboxing
Inside the box, you'll find an instruction manual, accessories box, and the dash camera. Photo: Real New Reviews

Best Night Vision Dash Cam?

The new Apeman C660 records high definition video in 1080P and features the Sony IMX307 Starvis Sensor. Sony’s sensor assists in high definition video processing and improves the overall quality of low light video.

This dash cam also uses eight infrared lights, embedded around the lens. Combined with the Sony sensor, these IR light deliver a noticeable improvement in the video quality at night.

That makes this a good dash cam for driving at night, and why the C660 is considered one of the best night vision dash cams for the money. We’ll cover low light performance and video quality below. 

What’s in the Box:

  • Apeman C660 Dashcam
  • Car charger (11.5 ft)
  • Mini USB cable
  • Car pry tool
  • Windshield mount with locking suction cup
  • Metal tool for reset button

Apeman C660 Dash Cam

This new Apeman dash cam features eight infrared lights and a Sony Starvis IMX 307 high resolution sensor with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology and a 170°wide angle field of view. The new 3’’ IPS Screen interface adds directional icons to make the menu settings straightforward, intuitive and easy to use, even for first time dash cam buyers.

Watch our Apeman C660 Dash Cam review:

Initial Impressions

For a dash cam under 50 bucks, I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot from the Apeman C660. Although this affordable dash cam has a low price point and is made of plastic, it feels well constructed and proved easy to use.

During the unboxing, Apeman has done a good job with their packaging. They’ve clearly taken lessons from iconic brands like GoPro and Apple.

The box is well designed, featuring a well-organized interior with a “Hello!” insert, accessories box, instructional manual, and the camera itself.

Apeman Dashcam Accessories
Accessories include a car charger, windshield mount, USB cable, plastic pry bar, and SIM tool for the reset button. Photo: Real New Reviews

Dash Cam Accessories

They did a good job of including most of the essentials. I especially appreciate the included car charger cable, which is over 11 feet long.

If you hate dangling cords, this should be long enough to neatly run the cord around most cars windshields with the included plastic car pry tool.

The car charger even includes a USB port on top, making it easy to also charge your phone, tablet, or other electronic device. A nice feature.

Prefer not to charge using a cigarette lighter? You can also charge your dash cam with a microUSB cord. Something like this cable should work well as a dash cam USB charging cable.

The Apeman Dash Cam uses a microSDHC memory card. Photo: Real New Reviews

Choosing a Dash Cam Memory Card

The only essential accessory that’s not included is a memory card, which is required for recording the dash cam video.

Apeman recommends a 32GB Class 10 microSDHC, so I ordered this affordable SanDisk microSDHC from Amazon to pair with the dash cam.

This 32GB card should hold approximately 5.5 hours of video footage while recording full HD (1080p).

How to Upload Dash Cam Footage to Your Computer

To upload your dash cam footage to a computer, you’ll also need a microSD card reader. Most card readers connect to the standard USB port on your computer, making the upload process easy.

I like this dash cam memory card reader because it will read both standard SD and microSD cards. Once the memory card is connected, you can view and move the video files onto your computer hard drive.

The Apeman C660 mounts securely to your windshield with the included accessory. Photo: Real New Reviews

How to Set Up the Apeman Dash Cam

Getting this Apeman dash cam was easy. The dash cam setup went like this:

  1. Gently pull off the protective plastic film on the lens.
  2. Insert your memory card into the side of the dash cam until it clicks into place (side gold contacts towards the screen).
  3. Attach the suction cup to the top camera notch.
  4. Mount the camera by placing the suction cup on your car windshield (clean your windshield first for best results).
  5. Connect the charging cable to the top of the camera and plug into a cigarette lighter.

Tip: To remove the memory card, press down on the card slightly. It will spring out of the slot, allowing you to remove it.

After set up, using the dash cam is simple. With the charging cable connected and memory card inserted, the camera will power up and start recording automatically when the car is started.

Apeman Dash Cam IPS Screen
The 3" IPS screen is fairly vibrant and easy to read. Photo: Real New Reviews

How to Format Memory Card for Dash Cam

You’ll need to format the memory card before use, but it’s a simple process. Here’s how to format the dashcam memory card:

  1. Turn the camera on and insert a memory card.
  2. Press the menu button on the side of the camera.
  3. In the menu, select “Setup”.
  4. Under Setup menu, select “System Settings”.
  5. In the System Settings menu, select “Format”.

That’s it! Apeman recommends reformatting the memory card twice a month, or every 15 days.

I also recommend turning off the “Beep Sound” in the Systems Settings menu. The sound is annoying while you’re navigating the menu.

Apeman Dash Cam Setup
The menu is intuitive and easy to navigate with the buttons on the side. Photo: Real New Reviews

Dash Cam Recording Settings

During initial setup, you can also set your recording settings in the menu. The recommended settings are already set out of the box, so this isn’t something you’ll need to mess with.

If you do make any changes, these are Apeman’s recommended settings for best results:

  • Set to “Loop Recording”
  • Under recording time, set to 3 minutes
  • Set G-sensor (or Gravity Sensor) sensitivity to “Low”
Dash cam loop recording is a dash cam feature that records over old video footage when the memory card has reached capacity. This means you won’t need to constantly erase old footage to make room for new video.
Apeman Dash Cam Charging Cord with USB Port
The included charger features an illuminated USB port, allowing you to also charge your phone or device. Photo: Real New Reviews

Dash Cam Video Quality

This dash cam shoots in full HD, 1080P resolution, out of the box. In the menu, you can optionally change the settings to shoot in 720P resolution, so footage takes up less memory card space.

For most, 1080P is a good dash cam resolution. The image looks clear through the wide angle lens. While more expensive dash cams will shoot in a higher 4k resolution, I think that’s overkill for this usage.

High Definition Video Sensor

The highlight of the C660 is the Sony IMX307 Starvis Sensor. According to Sony’s website, the Starvis is a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor designed for enhanced video processing and low light performance.

Tip: To keep your video sharp, keep microfiber cloths on hand in your car to clear the lens of fingerprints and smudges. I recommend the MagicFiber cloth for use on electronics and lenses. See our full review of this cleaning cloth here.

This dash cam's wide angle lens records the road ahead in Full HD quality. Photo: Real New Reviews

Dash Cam Night Vision

The combination of Sony’s Starvis sensor and the infrared lights make this one of the best dash cams for driving at night. Simply, the low light quality is impressive for the price, making this a good night vision dash cam.

In the menu, you can turn the infrared lights on or off. You can even set specific times for the lights to turn on, allowing them to only be activated during night driving hours.

Apeman Dash Cam Night vision infrared lights
The dash cam's infrared (IR) lights assist with low light visibility while driving at night. Photo: Real New Reviews

Night Vision Testing 

As part of this Apeman dash cam review, I tested driving at night with the infrared lights both on and off. There was a small, but noticeable, improvement in low light visibility with the IR lights turned on.

As you can see in the side-by-side comparison image below, the IR lights  brighten and boost some of the shadows in the darkest areas of the video. The infrared lights also appear to give the video a slight green hue, like you’re looking through a pair of night vision goggles.

While the infrared lights don’t make this a perfect night vision dash cam, they do appear to improve the video image quality during night time driving.

Build Quality

Overall construction on this dash cam feels good. The unit is small and light with most of the weight in the protruding wide angle lens and IR sensors. The on-camera software is simple, and the menu layout is easy to navigate.

I don’t like the feel of the buttons. These feel plastic-y and don’t give very good tactile feedback. But that’s a minor grievance.

Poor Battery Life: Not a Dealbreaker

Another weakness is the internal battery, which is very small. Don’t expect this dash cam to work while it’s not plugged in.

Apeman says the battery is only designed as backup, but the unit only stays powered on for a few seconds without a constant charge. However, it’s not really a big deal since you’ll always have this plugged in.

Apeman C660 Dash Cam Ports
On top of the dash cam, you'll find the USB charging port, windshield mount connection, and GPS input (optional). Photo: Real New Reviews

Apeman Dash Cam Review: Final Thoughts

I’ll make this simple. Yes, the Apeman dash cam is worth it for the money.

For the price, the Apeman C660 is worth the money and is one of the best dash cams I’ve used, especially for driving at night. I hope to see more collaboration with Apeman and Sony in the future, as the Sony sensor definitely seems to help with low light image quality.

When you consider how much money a dash cam could potentially save you after an accident, it’s a no brainer. The Apeman C660 is one of the best new dash cams for all drivers.

Like new tech reviews like this? Support our reviews and purchase the Apeman C660 on Amazon here.

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Great Gifts for Men Under $50 [2021]

Great Men's Gift Ideas Under $50

Best Gifts for Men Under $50 in 2021 [Amazon Cool Gifts for Guys]

>> Affordable Amazon Gadgets and Cool Devices for Guys

by Jack H., Editor and Review Contributor

Great Men's Gift Ideas Under $50

Need great gift ideas for guys? Here are the best gifts for men under $50 in 2021. This list of gifts for men (Amazon) has awesome, affordable Amazon gadgets and cool devices for guys that won’t break the bank and will definitely impress the guys in your life.

I’m a guy, and I’ll admit it: it’s hard to find fun gifts for men. How do you find the best gifts for men who have everything? This is especially difficult because holidays and birthdays are always seemingly right around the corner.

Never fear! We’ll help you find the perfect gift for guy friends, sons, or husbands. We review tons of new products and are always on the lookout for cool Amazon gift ideas for men. Ready for our list of cool Amazon products for him?

Here are some great gifts for men under $50 on Amazon in 2021:


Get rid of flies and have fun at the same time with the new Bug-A-Salt 3.0! Uses normal table salt, does not require batteries, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty. This Amazon gadget is a unique gift that many guys will enjoy, and will help keep pest insects out of the house.

Great men’s gift idea for: marksmen.

AKG K52 Wired Headphones

For men who don’t want to fuss with Bluetooth pairing, the AKG K52 headphones are a sensational value, offering a compelling price-to-performance ratio. These lightweight headphones feature an over-ear, closed-back design. And the sound quality can compete with far more expensive headphones. 

Great men’s gift idea for: audiophiles.

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Record Player

This Victrola Record Player is the perfect retro tech gift for the guy in your life. This is one of the best affordable record players, allowing you to play records through the built-in speakers or headphone jack. This portable record player has an elegant design, with a rugged case with handle for taking it anywhere.  Comes in a wide variety of cool colors and designs. You can even use it as a standalone Bluetooth speaker. It’s cool.

Great men’s gift idea for: hipsters and old souls.

Throw Throw Burrito Game

From the makers of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito is like a card game combined with dodgeball. Play with 2-6 players, quickly matching cards. During the game, certain matching games will cause a “burrito brawl” or “burrito duel”. When that happens, players will toss the plush burrito toys at each other. This game is incredibly unique and a lot of fun!

Great men’s gift idea for: anyone who loves fun party games.

Catan The Board Game

This incredibly popular board game is based around civilization building, while harvesting and trading resource cards. This is a great game for both families and groups of friends. Up to 4 players, ages 10 and up.

If they already have the base game, you can gift the Catan Expansion – Seafarers, which offers additional content and is also very well reviewed.

Great men’s gift idea for: board game lovers.

ENO SingleNest Lightweight Hammock

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters, has been making high quality, lightweight camping hammocks for many years. The SingleNest hammock packs up tightly and is ready to travel anywhere. ENO uses a very lightweight material that is also highly comfortable. Backed by a 2 Year Warranty.

While this is one of the best gift ideas under $50 for guys who love to camp, this is also a great gift for college students. There’s nothing better than studying, or just relaxing, between two trees.

Great men’s gift idea for: guys who love to camp.

Amazon Fire 4K Streaming TV Stick

Touted as the “most powerful 4K streaming media stick”, Amazon’s Fire TV stick is a cool device and a great way to stream Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and HBO(note: these do require a subscription to watch, though there are some free streaming services like Pluto). This Amazon gadget is a great gift for a dad who wants to get rid of cable, or a friend who wants to stream on the extra tv.

Great men’s gift idea for: guys who love tv and movies.

French Press Coffee Maker

For coffee lovers, nothing compares to a fresh, handmade cup of java. This handsome Chambord French press makes fresh coffee in just 4 minutes: just add the coffee grounds, hot water, and press! Looking to gift the ultimate coffee experience? Add an electric coffee bean grinder, which lets them grind their own coffee beans, for an ultra fresh and awesome tasting cup of coffee.

Great men’s gift idea for: coffee lovers.

Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

Lots of men love to play golf, which makes golf gifts very popular. But this is a really unique golf gift under $50! The GoSports BattleChip Backyard Golf Cornhole Game is a fusion of cornhole and golf. This game is great for competing with others, or just for practicing your chipping game in the backyard. Includes everything to play (except the golf clubs!): the target, turf hitting mat, 16 foam golf balls, and dry erase scorecard.

Great men’s gift idea for: guys who golf.

Audible Audio Book Subscription

Let’s face it: some guys have everything and just don’t want more stuff. Audio books are a great way to read on the go: while driving, at the gym, or at work. Give your guy the gift of productivity, knowledge, and entertainment with a 3 month Audible Subscription for less than $50. You guys can listen to as many audio books as they want, and will also receive one credit a month for an audio title they can keep forever. This gift is easy to send electronically, and Amazon will deliver the gifted subscription via email.

Great men’s gift idea for: men who have everything.

Whiskey Stones and Glasses Gift Box Set

Recently, whiskey and bourbon have become incredibly trendy. Today, more guys are enjoying the Kentucky juice than ever before. This classy boxed gift set is perfectly paired with a good bottle of whiskey, or as a standalone gift. Includes 2 whiskey glasses and 8 stone whiskey rocks (used instead of ice cubes so they won’t water down your drink).

Great men’s gift idea for: guys who love whiskey and bourbon.

Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

Great chefs know what useful cooking tool a good cast iron skillet can be. This 12″ Legend Cast Iron Skillet comes lightly pre-seasoned and is well reviewed, making this a solid addition to our list of great gifts for men under $50. Features an extra long handle and heat-resistant holder. Includes Legend’s “Forever Warranty”. 

Great men’s gift idea for: guys who love to cook.

Mini Drone with Remote Control

Remote controlled drones are more affordable than ever. This Mini Drone includes an HD video camera and WiFi. This affordable Amazon gadget is a great gift for teen guys- or anyone who loves cool devices! Has a flight range of 30 to 45 meters.

Great men’s gift idea for: teens and techies.

SkyGenius Binoculars

Another cool Amazon gadget, these SkyGenius Binoculars feature 10X power magnification and a large field of view. These are great for bird watching, hunting, or sporting events. Includes a durable neck strap.

Great men’s gift idea for: hunters and birdwatchers.

Apeman Dash Camera

If you drive, you need a dash cam! Dash cams mount to your windshield to record the road ahead while driving your car. This model, the Apeman C660, records in full HD and includes a lot of handy accessories. An awesome value for all its features, this is one of the best gifts for men under $50. Read our hands-on Apeman C660 Dash Cam review.

Great men’s gift idea for: anyone with a car or truck!

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Logitech MX Keys Review

Logitech MX Keys Review

Logitech MX Keys Review

>> Is this Magic Keyboard Alternative the Best Keyboard under $100?

by Jack H., Editor and Review Contributor

Logitech MX Keys Review

In this MX Keys review, we’ll take a look at the new Logitech keyboard and see if it’s really the best keyboard under $100 for professional use.

Today, there are more computer keyboards on the market than ever before. That means customers have many options to find the best keyboard to fit their own uses and preferences.

If you’re willing to pay more, a premium keyboard offers an enhanced typing experience. For users who spend hours on their keyboard daily, the price can be worth it.

MX Keys Review, Box and Packaging
The MX Keys box has nice packaging, much like an Apple product. Photo: Real New Reviews.

MX Keys Review: A Premium Keyboard

The Logitech MX Keys is a new premium keyboard offering. And this new wireless Logitech keyboard is fairly expensive, but still cheaper than the Logitech Craft with creative input dial.

After building a new PC build this year, I was looking for the best keyboard for programming, writing, graphic design, video edits, and other productivity and creative tasks. I was also looking for the best non-mechanical keyboard to use when I wasn’t gaming. To that end, I purchased Logitech’s MX Keys keyboard.

Is this the best wireless keyboard in 2021? Here were my results.

What’s in the Box:

Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys Review Full Size Wireless Keyboard

Logitech’s new full size wireless keyboard touts metal body construction, spherically dished keys, and a sleek, low profile design. Includes a USB receiver and charging cable. Compatible with Mac and PC.

Design and Construction

One of Logitech’s latest keyboards, the MX Keys looks like the study, professional tool that it is.

Weighing 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg), the MX Keys’ metal body has considerable heft, lending to its stable typing experience. Still, this is a small full size wireless keyboard that has a minimalist keyboard feel.

The Logitech warranty included is a one year limited hardware warranty.

Durable, High Quality Keys

Each key is made of a dense, high quality plastic and has a spherical indentation to fit your fingertips. The keys are well fitted into the keyboard body and there is very little key wiggle.

MX Keys Review Indented Keys
Logitech's MX Keys feature spherically indented keys to match the shape of your fingertips and prevent mistypes. Photo: Real New Reviews

Typing Experience

The MX Keys is a membrane keyboard, and doesn’t quite offer the firm, tactile response of mechanical switches on a mechanical keyboard. Still, the MX Keys offers an excellent typing experience, and is easily one of the best non-mechanical keyboards I’ve ever used. And it’s much quieter than mechanical keyboards.

The MX Keys has “Perfect Stroke” keys that use a scissor switch. Being a low profile keyboard with scissor switches, these keys have low travel and do not require much actuation force.

The keys do not feel wobbly at all, and each keystroke feels solid and precise. This is one the best typing quality keyboards I’ve ever used, and feels comfortable over hours of programming, writing, or media creation.

Though there is no manual height adjustment, the MX Keys is angled comfortably. This side view shows the clean, low profile design. Photo: Real New Reviews

The Best Keyboard for Programmers?

The spherical indentations on the keys are designed for added stability and to help prevent typos. Although this sounds kind of gimmicky, these indentations do feel nice and add to the overall typing experience. This makes MX Keys a great keyboard for authors, programmers, or anyone typing many words per minute.


This is a very quiet keyboard, but not a totally silent keyboard. Each keystroke provides a satisfying, yet muted, click. The typing noise is very minimal and should not disturb anyone else in the room.

The MX Keys features a proximity sensor, lighting keys when you move your hands to the keyboard. Photo: Real New Reviews


The MX Keys is an illuminated wireless keyboard, with individually backlit keys. As a keyboard designed for professional users, the MX Keys is a non-RGB keyboard. No RGB lighting here! Each key is elegantly backlit in white, a nice contrast to the dark gray keyboard body.

The keyboard also features a proximity sensor, and will instantly light up when you move your hands near the keys. The MX Keys is one of the best backlit keyboards I’ve ever used, easily matching or surpassing the lighting offered by Apple’s keyboards.

Using Logitech's Easy Switch, you can control different computers with one keyboard. Photo: Real New Reviews


The Logitech MX Master software is called Logitech Options, and will allow you added customizability, including reprogramming keys. Battery life is rated at 10 hours with backlighting or up to 5 months (!) with backlighting disabled.

The MX Keys is a Logitech Flow keyboard, which is perfect for people who work on multiple computers. This handy feature allows you to connect the keyboard to multiple computers at the same time, using the dedicated keys to quickly change between them. You can even share the keyboard between a Mac and PC system. Pretty cool.

The MX Keys charges through a USB type C port with the included charging cable. Photo: Real New Reviews

How to Charge MX Keys

To charge MX Keys, simply plug the included charging USB cord from the USB-A side (connected to your computer) to the USB-C keyboard port on the MX Keys.

How to Connect MX Keys to Mac or PC

The MX Keys effortlessly connects to Macs and PCs using either the included USB unifying receiver or via Bluetooth. I’ve been using Logitech’s USB receiver with great results and no noticeable input delay.

A full size keyboard, this MX Master keyboard is part of Logitech’s MX Master series, and can be paired with the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse.

The MX Keys pairs nicely with my Glorious Model D mouse. Photo: Real New Reviews

The Best Apple Magic Keyboard Alternative?

As a long-time Mac user, for both personal and professional use, I am very familiar with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. 

That’s right, I have spent thousands of hours with Apple’s keyboard. It’s a good minimalist, low-profile keyboard with solid construction and a pleasant typing experience. I like it.

Logitech’s MX Keys is clearly inspired by Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It’s classy, sleek, and simple.

MX Keys Review Box and Packaging Inside
The MX Keys looks like Apple's Magic Keyboard. Photo: Real New Reviews

Is MX Keys better than the Magic Keyboard?

Logitech’s MX Keys is incredibly similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

In fact, these keyboards are so similar, that neither is clearly superior. It comes down to personal preference.

The MX Keys is simply a great Mac wireless keyboard, and a good replacement for the Magic Keyboard.

Note: This year, Logitech has also released a Mac version of the MX Keys. If you only plan to use this keyboard with a Mac, it may be the better option for you.

MX Keys Review Mac Media Buttons
MX Keys offers all the normal Mac media buttons along the top, including some addition buttons for calculator and photos. Photo: Real New Reviews

Is MX Keys good for gaming?

While the MX Keys will not offer the same clacky sound and tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard, it holds its own for gaming.

I even tried using the MX Keys while playing my favorite online first person shooter game, and it performed well. If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard without input lag, I experienced no issues with gaming with the MX Keys.

Still, I prefer my mechanical keyboard for gaming.

Who is MX Keys best for?

This is a PC and Mac compatible Logitech keyboard. As a longtime Mac user who now works more from a PC, I’ve really enjoyed my experience with the MX Keys.

As someone who likes Apple’s Magic Keyboard, the MX Keys feels familiar. I think the MX Keys works especially well for PC users who currently own or have previously owned a Mac.

But everyone who types can likely appreciate the stylish looks, solid construction, and fantastic typing experience of the MX Keys.

MX Keys Review PC Wireless Illuminated Keyboard by Logitech

My setup. Shown here: MX Keys, Glorious Model D Mouse, LG 4k MonitorLarge Mouse Pad, and desk plant. Photo: Real New Reviews

Is MX Keys worth it? 

Due to the price, the MX Keys is not the best beginner keyboard. But, If you’re willing to spend the cash on a high quality keyboard for work, productivity, media- practically anything but gaming- the MX Keys is highly recommended.

MX Keys Review: Final Thoughts

Though officially released last year, the MX Keys is some of the best new tech for 2021. As more people have started working remotely, it’s no wonder the MX Keys has earned so much acclaim.

It’s overall quality has made the MX Keys perhaps the best keyboard for home offices and working from home. 

Thanks for reading our MX Keys Review. Purchase MX Keys here (Amazon).


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